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Egyptian Fintech Startup Accept Payments Expands To Jordan

The company has decided to further expand in the MENA region and GCC aiming to tap into several markets by the end of 2018.

In partnership with MEPS, a leading local acquirer in Jordan, Accept for Payments and Technology has announced that it has extended its services to the Jordanian market. The company, established early 2018, offers merchants payment solutions enabling them to accept various payment methods in order to help them grow their businesses and has been operating in Jordan since May 2018. Together, both entities are aspiring to offer products and services that cater to the needs of SMEs.

"At Accept, we help companies digitally collect revenue instead of chasing cash, relying on a courier, or sending a runner to the streets to chase clients to collect the payments, risking loss of money or theft," Accept Payment's Managing Director Emily Renny tells Startup Scene.  The fintech startup believes that by serving the gap of convenient payment methods in the region, they are helping businesses reach their maximum growth potential.

"Many businesses fail to secure a sale due to the lack of convenience when it comes to the payment methods they support." says Shady El Tohfa, CCO of Accept for Payments and Technology. "In the digital era, it is very important to not only digitise payments, but make sure that a business fulfills all market needs to steadily and securely grow.”   

With the rising tech ecosystem in Jordan and growing e-commerce landscape, Accept sees the market as a promising and sustainable opportunity that coincides with its main mission: to help businesses grow through technology and digitising payments. 

The company has decided to further expand in the MENA region and GCC aiming to tap into several markets by the end of 2018. The expansion aims to contribute to the country’s GDP and to offer the region with sustainable financial and payments solutions that enable business growth by connecting several payment networks, technologies and providers together and providing merchants with one single offering.

Accept is also working on strengthening its offering in the Jordanian market by establishing various partnerships in the country. Whereas to avail local payment methods to its merchants to expand their market and customer reach and have more access to sustainable growth.

Main Image: Emily Renny, Managing Director. 

By #MO4Productions. 

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