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Egyptian Healthtech Startup VRapeutic Chosen for Canada’s MakerLaunch Programme

The three year-old startup is in prime position to take its innovative VR-based environments to Canada, as it continues to combat earning difficulties and developmental disorders.

Healthtech, e-health, digital healthcare - call it what you will, but there are few startups in MENA as unique and innovative as VRapeutic. Founded in 2017 by Ahmad Al-Kabbany, the Egyptian startup uses virtual reality (VR) technology to tackle learning difficulties and developmental disorders by offering tailored 3D environments that aim at strengthening social, cognitive, motor and academic skills in children.

While the startup has been steadily operating, with a focus on Egypt and the GCC, VRapeutic’s next move is surely it's biggest, after it was accepted in the University of Ottawa's MakerLaunch  Programme. As an alumni of the university, Al-Kabbany is eligible to join and will now look to use the opportunity to bring its VR software modules to therapy centres across the Great White North.

Aiming to facilitate the commercialisation of tech and establish impactful tech startups, the 48-week programme will see VRapeutic work towards the development of more products and the addition of new features to what is an already outstanding service that is made even more impressive considering that it offers cloud accounts for doctor and patient that offer access to performance data.

Al-Kabbany will also get access to CAD 50,000 in grants if certain milestones are achieved, but equally as valuable to the startup is the design and implementation of a marketing campaign in Ottawa, as well as potential collaborations with research institutions and labs - which could very well pave the way for a more permanent stay in Canada.

Learn more about VRapeutic here.

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