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Egyptian Tech Startup Argineering Raises $200,000 via Crowdfunding for Launch of New RGKit Play

The award-winning startup has turned to Kickstarter for the launch of its new RGKit Play, raising four times its original target.

It has been hailed by all corners as revolutionary. It has attracted investment from SIlicon Valley. It's beaming clients include Selfridges, Ted Baker and even London's Science Museum. For its latest funding, however, Egyptian tech startup, Argineering, has turned to crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, raising just over $200,000 in the process - four times the amount it initially set out to raise.

Founded in 2018 by David Erian and Islam Gamal, Argineering's unique service allows companies and brands in the creative sector to interact with people with customisable interactive displays that use robotics through the startup’s RGKit.

As part of the campaign, Argineering has launched the new RGKit Play, the first ever modular wireless motion control kit whose seemingly endless accessories and AI features allow for instant control via an app. There are several different kits, eahc suitable for a different creative practice, consisting of motors, light controllers and sensors, allowing creatives to add all kinds of movement into design. Contributors to the campaign will receive a discount on the new kit, while the money raised - most of which came from USA, UK and Australia - will see the startup scale and diversify their network and clientele globally, while also scaling their team and marketing process, as well as channeling some of it into startup’s shift to mass production.

Check out Startup Scene's video feature with Erian and Gamal earlier this year.

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