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UAE Investment Platform Sarwa Launches New Product Offerings Through ‘Sarwa X’

The fintech startup has teamed up with Saxo Bank for the new launch, but it marks only the beginning of big things to come.

Sarwa, the region’s first investment platform has seen exponential growth since their founding in 2017. They started with a pretty simple goal: to make investing accessible and affordable for everyone by changing the idea that investing is a luxury and democratise it for all. Their latest announcement of Sarwa X is just the next step in their attempt to level the investing playing field. 

Sarwa X, in partnership with Saxo Bank, offers new products for more streamlined and simpler funding and investment. It allows for free local transfers from AED bank accounts to the Sarwa X account with no international transfer fees, which helps to increase user’s long-term returns.

“We are so excited about dramatically cutting costs for our clients,” said CEO of Sarwa, Mark Chahwan, who co-founded the startup alongside Nadine Mezher and Jad Sayegh. “Fewer fees mean more returns, which have already been fantastic in comparison to industry benchmarks. We wanted to work with a partner that can deliver on backend cutting-edge technology so we can have more flexibility. This means better services and a lot of new products on the horizon."

Sarwa’s strategic partnership with Saxo Bank will help to bolster their product offerings as well as accelerate Sarwa’s growth across the MENA region. This partnership will also give them the flexibility to more effectively pivot and adapt to client and market needs as they expand.

"At Saxo Bank we are always championing the power of partnerships, believing that financial institutions must explore external partnerships to innovate and improve the customer experience as digital consumption continues its rapid increase,” Steve Weller, Middle East CEO for Saxo Bank, said. “This agreement with Sarwa is a perfect example of the win-win nature of partnerships and I expect we will see more such collaborations across the MENA financial services arena as digitisation increases."

As Sarwa continues to expand their offerings and partnerships across the region they remain committed to democratising investing in MENA and putting the technological tools in the hands of the user.

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