Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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Hospitality App Opaala Launches in UAE to Digitise the Service Industry Experience

The app has already been applied in several venues in Dubai.

Staff Writer

As the world slowly starts to assimilate to the ‘new normal’, we’re met with the reality that, for the not-so-foreseeable future, social-distancing will probably remain in effect. After already suffering a great deal of loss, the service industry must now reconcile its economy, but also with some major adaptations in this new, contactless world. 

The UAE is now seeing one of these solutions manifest. Opaala is a holistic app for the service and hospitality industry to completely digitise the experience. Through the app, hotels, restaurants, nightlife spots and clubs can operate within their venues through interactive menus, users can specify dietary habits, hail a waiter or request a bill.

COVID-19 has been destructive for the hospitality industry. As members of this community, we feel responsible for helping the industry rebuild,” says Marwan Saab, co-founder of Opaala. “We've pledged to support those who need it most, to help them reduce cost and increase revenue until business picks up again. We've already provided our platform free of charge for many who need it, and we will continue to do so until things improve.”


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