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INJAZ Goes Beyond Borders With First Regional Virtual Innovation Camp

As almost all educational institutions are closed across the MENA region, INJAZ Al Arab - a youth entrepreneurship platform operating across 13 Arab countries - goes digital with a virtual innovation camp designed to keep students engaged and learning during the Coronavirus crisis.

With schools and universities across the MENA region closed indefinitely, INJAZ Al Arab will be hosting a virtual ‘innovation camp’ in hopes of keeping students engaged and thinking about solutions to the world’s current crisis. A regional non-profit that focuses on equipping students and young people with the skills needed to enter the workforce, inspiring them to become the entrepreneurs and business leaders of tomorrow, INJAZ will be relying on its country offices in 13 territories to bring together over 200 eager youth, as well as organising ‘camp leaders’ from every country to lead the online sessions.

“Some of the most creative and innovative ideas come from the young people of this generation. Having them work virtually as a team collaborating with students their own age from other countries across the region finding solutions to various challenges instills in them a bigger sense of purpose and drive . The skys the limit to what they can achieve,” Dina El Mofty, CEO of INJAZ Egypt, tells StartupScene.

Anyone aged 18-24, living in an Arab country and motivated to solve the challenges the region is facing in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic is encouraged to apply to attend the Innovation Camp which will bring together all the participating countries on a three-hour Zoom call, where a challenge to come up with solutions to the effects of COVID-19 will be presented. 

INJAZ Al Arab insist that though the participants will be ‘challenged’ there will be no ‘winners’ - instead, they position Injaz Beyond Borders as an opportunity to connect, collaborate and learn. “All you need to do is to bring to the table your spark and young energy in order to discuss together the challenges that you, as youth, might be facing during these hard times, especially in the fields of education, health and technology, while you explore together in teams for potential solutions,” explains the application website. 

INJAZ Beyond Borders is supported by Citi Bank which “ has continuously been a partner and sponsor to a variety of INJAZ programs for a number of years. Together with Citi, we have been able to empower youth to take control of their economic success,” says El Mofty. 

You can apply to join INJAZ Beyond Borders Virtual Innovation Camp here. 


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