Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Impactyn: The Egyptian AI Startup Turning Organic Social Media Content

Impactyn is an AI-powered app that monetizes organic user-generated social media content, and this Ramadan they’re using their platform for a good cause.

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Egyptian AI-powered platform Impactyn is channelling our propensity for social media for a good cause. Impactyn has been allowing regular users on its platform - known as ‘impactyrs’ - to easily monetize their organic user-generated content. With infectious digital trends becoming a marketing standard, Impactyn partnered up with Egyptian NGOs and corporate entities through the startup’s ‘Etbara’ Bi Sortak’ (‘Donate With Your Picture’) campaign, which will allow every impactyr to help donate to a good cause by simply posting an image.

Every posted image promotes one of Impactyn’s partner brands, who then owe a donation to Impactyn’s NGO partners. The brand donates the impactyr’s reward to their NGO of choice, with the reward being based on the image’s views and engagement. Through the Ramadan campaign, Impactyn uses the rising demand for genuine customer insights and crowd marketing campaigns to empower various NGOs partners, including the Baheya Foundation, the Egyptian Food Bank, Al-Orman Association, Hand in Hand and the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation.

From a business standpoint, Impactyn assists its partner brands and businesses in connecting with their audience and engaging with real people and owners of private social media accounts, who may not have a large online following but frequently offer credible insights within their social groups. Socially, however, the campaign is giving more people the chance to donate, regardless of their financial ability or age, utilising the limitless potential of the digital era.

The ‘Etbara’ Bi Sortak’ Ramadan campaign is organised in collaboration with TMG and CIB, and aims to raise EGP 15 million in its first phase. The platform is set to expand regionally, creating a sustainable balance between social responsibility and crowd-marketing.


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