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Kuwait Recruitment Platform Khibra Acquires Bahraini Counterpart Majra

The merger acquisition will enable both startups to benefit from each other’s specialisations, network and tech stack, fueling mutual growth across the region.

Kuwait-based recruitment platform, Khibra, has acquired Bahraini career platform Majra, in a horizontal expansion move that falls in line with both their goals to expand throughout the GCC markets. 

Khibra was founded in 2020 and witnessed rapid growth for its talent recruitment platform that streamlines the hiring process. Offering similar services, Majra launched its career matching platform in Bahrain in 2017. This merger will enable the startups to benefit from each other’s specialisations, network and tech stack, fueling their growth across the region.

“Since its founding, Khibra has built a growing, inclusive network that supports our region’s employers, involves universities in the hiring process, and empowers the young talent,” said Fahad Al-Sabah, founder and CEO of Khibra. “Our latest acquisition will help Khibra accelerate its mission drastically by connecting employers more easily to regional talent and by making internships and entry-level jobs more accessible.” 

This acquisition is part of a string of achievements for the new startup. In March, one of MENA’s first digital venture builders, The Taken Seat, acquired a non-control stake in the company, which gives Khibra access to a wealth of proprietary knowledge, infrastructure and, most importantly, an internal ecosystem of talent.

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