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Kuwaiti Ecommerce Platform Yahaal Scores $27 Million in Series A Funding

The app delivering baby and child products intends to expands its portfolio and accelerate expansion plans

A popular one-stop-shop for baby and kid products, Kuwaiti ecommerce platform, Yahaal, has announced that it has raised an astonishing $27 million in Series A funding from Seed Partner and Al Mutamaiz International Company.

Launched in 2017, the app offers parents a wide range of products, including toys, diapers, formula, strollers, car seats, skincare products and more and has won particular praise for its speed of delivery - in some areas of Kuwait, it delivers within 30 minutes of ordering.

As has been the case with many ecommerce platforms, Yahaal has emerged as an important service in the wake of the pandemic, during which consumer shopping has shifted more and more online.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted markets across cities and countries, the demand for online shopping has substantially increased,” founder and CEO, Ali Al Zankawi, said. “During the early stages of the pandemic, we witnessed a great number of new customers using Yahaal App and we are proud to have retained a great percentage of those customers."

The investment, Al Zankawi intends to enhance Yahaal’s portfolio and accelerate expansion plans, both of which mean new features and services on the app.

“To achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, we invested in solidifying our operational infrastructure and strengthening the infrastructure of our application by including added features that will enhance the browsing, checkout, and overall online shopping experience,” he added.

Find out more about Yahaal here.

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