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Meet the 22 Startups Graduating from AUC V-Lab’s Fall ’19 Cohort

Applications for the accelerator programme’s spring cycle are now open, apply for a chance to secure seed fund.

AUC Venture Lab, Egypt’s first university-based accelerator announces graduates of their Startup Accelerator’s Nestlé cycle ’13, and the Fall ’19 cycle of the fin-tech accelerator powered by Commercial International Bank (CIB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Other sponsors of the Startup Accelerator programme included: the Arab African International Bank (AAIB), the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP), Drosos Foundation, Nestle, Oxfam and Shell Egypt, as well as NYC-based Arab-fronted VC firm, Modus Capital.

The demo day held on December 3rd was in honour of Tarek Kamel, the internet visionary and former Egyptian minister of Communications and Informations Technology. With the conclusion of this cohort, Venture Lab has graduated over 170 high-potential startups out of 1580 regional and global programmes, Venture Lab was recognised by Swedish research company UBI Global as one of the MENA’s Top Challengers accelerators.

Through their programme, V-Lab provides all-inclusive support for early-stage innovative startups for only 0% equity, and accepts startups in all industries including fin-tech, energy and sustainability, creative industries, healthcare innovation, and much more! In addition to that, the programme offers intensive business trainings, access to AUC community and networking events, co-working space allocation, 1-on-1 mentor matchmaking and business coaching, and financial grant for validation.


ElectroBekia is Upper Egypt’s first electronic management services startup. The startup collects and purchases old, unused, and damaged electronic devices and offers recycling purposes through a hassle-free digital experience and door collection via mobile application.

For more about ElectroBekia, find them here.

Smart سطح


Smart سطح is an Egyptian agri-tech startup that promotes tech-use in Assiut’s rooftop farming landscape by providing remote plant control and help farmers grow pesticide-free clean crops.

Dizaria Energy


Dizaria Energy is a solar-tech startup that aims to empower the transition to electric mobility by providing solar-power vehicle charging stations. Through their app, the users can locate the nearest charging station and status, complete bill payments and save up to 60% of fuel-related expenses.

For more about Dizaria Energy, find them here.

Turbo One


Turbo One is a digital marketplace that provides well-rounded automotive services including washing, detailing, repairing, as well as roadside assistance through convenient time and location-based approaches.

For more about Turbo One, find them here.



In3D is a specialised 3D printers manufacturer that offers a wide range of professional digital desktop printing services for engineers, designers, dentists, and manufacturers.



3yadtty is an online video platform that enables users to research relevant video content on a variety of symptoms, medical topics and treatment methods, and provide consultations as well.

For more about 3yadtty, find them here.



Aldoctor is a mobile application that provides on-demand medical services via a network of physicians, pharmacies, laboratories, and radiology centres in Mansoura, and will soon expand to Cairo.

For more about Aldoctor, find them here.

Cure Ticket

Cure Ticket is a digital platform that gives patients a free-to-use tool to store their previous medical prescription history and share them with doctors and pharmacists, putting them in control of their medicinal intake and history.

For more about Cure Ticket, find them here.


EatHeal specialises in providing medically tailored nutrition and food services. With the help of highly-skilled nutritionists and chefs, the startup aims to help people live a healthier lifestyle by altering their dietary habits.

For more about EatHeal, find them here.



Digifi is a WiFi marketing and management tool for public internet providers such as retail areas, malls, restaurants and cafes to help them regulate customers’ internet consumption, as well as provide targeted advertisement based on customer profiles.

For more about Digifi, find them here.



Nojoud is an e-commerce and marketing startup that helps promote craftsmanship by helping merchants market their products accordingly, and tap into new markets, as well as physical and online distribution channels.

For more about Nojoud, find them here.



VisGo is a travel-tech startup with a one-of-a-kind mobile application that provides tourists and travelers with audio guides in touristic locations, and offers a uniquely informative experience based on a location-aware system.

For more about VisGo, find them here.

D2D Art


D2D Art is a creative art and tech studio and platform with an in-house team of creatives that produce unique and interactive experiences in art-form.

For more about D2D Art, find them here. 



T-Tangle is a digital procurement system that connects entities to vendors over a single database, as well as allowing them to manage their request for proposal (RFP) process in a secure and confidential environment.

For more about T-Tangle, find them here.



Jlood is a digital marketplace that offers high quality trendy and global leather products for kids, women and men at competitive prices.

For more about Jlood, find them here.



SaveMnT is a consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer marketplace, where users can buy or sell used or refurbished products through a secure and affordable platform.

For more about SaveMnT, find them here.



Elmazr3a is an online farmers’ market that supplies high-quality produce and artisanal products, allowing users all over Egypt to directly get their products fresh from the source of a network of local farmers and merchants.

For more about Elmazr3a, find them here.



SevenTail is a F&B startup that connects traditional retailers and consumers to a more affordable and reliable shopping experience through a web-based inventory management platform.

For more about SevenTail, find them here.

Wrapping up the Startup Accelerator’s 13th cycle’s Demo Day, a statement from Modus Capital detailing their support and enrollment in V-Lab’s network of investors was announced as they join AUC Angels and various other entities to further support the programme’s efforts to amplify the Egyptian startup ecosystem. The ceremony concluded with the graduation of the Fin-Tech Accelerator Fall ’19 Cycle, with the below startups making the list:


Amanleek is an end-to-end digital insurance platform that simplifies the purchase and management of insurance products through digitisation and providing a seamless experience for all.

For more about Amanleek, find them here.

Know Me


Know Me is an Egyptian startup that provides electronic know-your-customer (eKYC) technologies for digital onboarding to the financial services industry through web and mobile-based software development kits.



MerQ is a fin-tech startup that provides Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based virtual assistant chatbot to assist consumers when purchasing financial services. The platform provides users with insights about several financial institutions.

For more about MerQ, find them here.



SubsBase is a tech-empowered startup that helps subscription businesses streamline their recurring revenue by managing downgrades, upgrades and dunning. The platform helps businesses integrate support services such as CRM (customer relations management), email marketing and analytics that business owners can leverage to upscale their product. 

For SubsBase, find them here.

To apply to one of AUC V-Lab’s spring cycles, click here and become one of Egypt’s massive caliber of emerging startups in 2020.















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