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SaudiGamer.com Acquired by International Gaming Specialist Webedia Esports Agency

The startup has set its sights on domination in KSA, though the bigger goal is to have the SaudiGamer.com become a key player in the international esports ecosystem.

While MENA’s gaming market has been playing catch-up with the rest of the world over the last decade, the last few years has seen the very concept of esports come more and more to the forefront regionally. There are few bigger indicators of this than the acquisition of SaudiGamer.com by Webedia Esports Agency, the esports arm of International France-born online media company, Webedia.

Through Webedia Arabia Group - which has presences in KSA, UAE and Lebanon - the deal will see SaudiGamer.com develop and expand on several levels, with the ultimate goal of attaining more reach and recognition internationally.

They intend to do this by facilitating more coverage of local and regional esports tournaments and gaming events; launching new YouTube shows; developing exclusive content in collaboration with the region's biggest gaming influencers; and generally increasing and elevating content such as reviews, podcasts and tips & tricks on the platform itself.

Founder Mashhour Aldubayan will first take on an advisory role in the first few months of the acquisition before handing over the reigns of a platform that he launched in 2009.

“Although we had multiple offers in the past, I found that Webedia Arabia Group is the only company that can take SaudiGamer.com to the next level,” Aldubayan commented. “I'm really excited about this and what it means for the future of the platform. The new wave of gaming capabilities and expertise for our dedicated gamers is going to be spectacular.”

The platform's insights-driven approach has garnered 2.5 million YouTube subscribers and 1.7 million Instagram followers. With an estimated 21.1 million active gamers in Saudi Arabia, the platform is now poised to lead the line in a KSA gaming market that ranks as the 19th biggest on the planet, with well over $1 billion in revenue and year-on-year growth of over 40%.

“This strategic acquisition represents a strong building block in the foundation of esports talents in the region as today’s gamers in the Arab World are in the driver's seat steering the future of the industry on a global level,” said CEO of Webedia Arabia Group, George Maktabi. “As SaudiGamer.com gears up to owning the gaming space, we will be working with talents and brands and developing job opportunities in KSA to ultimately provide a complete and unparalleled esports experience."

Learn more about SaudiGamer.com here.

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