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Talabat Ups its Delivery Game in Kuwait with New Jet Ski Service

With Eid and the peak of summer fun coinciding this year, Talabat looks to service yacht owners and fishing enthusiasts with a new jet ski delivery service.

We’ve seen delivery scooters, delivery cars and even delivery drones, which are well and good if you’re ordering food on dry land. But what if you’re on the open seas, aboard your luxury yacht this summer? Well, if you’re in Kuwait, you’re in luck as Talabat has just announced a new food delivery service by way of jet ski.

We know this sounds like an April Fools’ Day prank, but it’s real. Kuwaiti users of Talabat will find ‘Talabat Island’ as a delivery destination on the app. By clicking on that, they’ll find a list of restaurants that will dispatch their orders on a jet ski, directly to their boats. Instead of entering a geographic location for delivery, users instead enter the name of their boat, and voila. 

So far, the restaurants delivering via Talabat’s jet skis are mostly ice cream shops, bakeries and cafes, serving up some summer refreshment in the scorching heat of Kuwait’s summer. The service is currently running on the coast at Bnaider, a popular beach resort town, around 80 kilometers from downtown Kuwait City.

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