Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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This Lebanese Car Wash Startup Just Raised $1.2 Million

Blink My Car App just secured their expansion in the region with a whopping $1.2 Million investment.

Staff Writer

Last week Blink My Car app secured a $1.2 million investment at the closing seed round led by Phoenician Funds, a Beirut-based venture fund firm that invests in tech startups. This investment comes as their second fund raise; earlier they scored a $350,000 angel investment by Al Amir Holdings. 

The Lebanese app is an Eco-friendly car wash service, that washes your car with just one cup of water, along with some other chemicals that are environmentally friendly. The on-demand app enables vehicles - not just cars, but also bikes - to be washed easily, while saving time, money, and around 250 litres of water per wash. Founded in November 2015, the app went live in Beirut in 2016, and launched a Facebook bot last April. 

The app gives its users different payment methods options, as well as ratings per wash. All the chemical products used are imported, eco-friendly, waterless products that guarantee you a great shine, the app also offers interior detailing cleaning services, along with other services that ensure the safety of their users' cars. 

Founded by Lebanese high-school friends Rami Hallal and Ralph Choueiri, their inspiration came to them as they reunited while waiting for their turns at a Car Wash, according to Wamda. Their company gives their users the opportunity to get their cars shiny and clean while offering a hassle-free solution, as their users book their wash 15 minutes prior to it, after which one of Blink My Car's employees meets them wherever they are and takes it from there. 

Choueiri said in an interview with Wamda that they plan on using this money to further expand their base of live users in Beirut, expand to Doha, and launch in Dubai within the next year and a half. 

Photo: Blink My Car


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