Saturday June 15th, 2024
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This Uber-like App Provides Affordable World-Class Transportation for Cairenes

Using tourism buses, this Uber-like transportation app will be running on fixed routes that hit the most on-demand destinations in Cairo with cool air conditioning and plenty of leg room.

Staff Writer

Ongoing efforts to expand road networks in Cairo are falling short due to the city's skyrocketing population. The capital's population is expected to increase by half a million in 2017 alone, dwarfing relieving measures. In times like these, car owners should consider changing how they commute to methods that are more efficient, and yet just as convenient and affordable. However, no one will turn off their engines just to get suffocated in one of Egypt's deteriorating public transportation vehicles. This is where SWVL comes in, the city's new high-end public transportation service providers.

With an Uber-like app, SWVL connects users to world-class buses that run on fixed routes in Cairo, linking the most on-demand destinations. “We are using buses that are owned by tourism companies. Many of these buses were out of use and left in garages or only used on occasions due to the decrease in touristic activities,” CEO and co-founder Mostafa Kandil, tells the Daily News Egypt.

(Mostafa Kandil, by Daily News Egypt)

The government must speed up development of the roads and transportation network, however, tech-savvy entrepreneurs like Kandil could contribute a big deal to easing life for Cairenes. “While most people look to the government to solve major issues and provide critical services unilaterally, this team has the creativity, capacity, and resources necessary to bring a smart and tech-enabled system to a hugely underserved sector," concludes Kandil.

Photo: Daily News Egypt


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