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This Year’s ALTSHIFT Festival Kicks Off on October 17, 18, 19

The event will take Degla Campus by storm with the closing ceremony held at the Greek Campus on the 19th.

The annual AltShift Festival launches its second run of the event, where change-makers and budding entrepreneurs gather to provide cutting-edge solutions and move forward towards systemic change through regeneration and sustainability in the ecosystem.

Hosted by Ouishare, one of the leading startups accelerating systemic change, the festival will explore a variety of tracks for emerging entrepreneurs to pursue, including education, food and agriculture, housing and urban planning, mobility and transportation, business and finance, and resource management. Alongside the event’s entrepreneurial tracks, the festival will also feature, for the first time, a music festival that aims to empower social innovation, in collaboration with Festival Internacional De Innovacion Social (fiiS).

According to a report by the UN, it takes the earth 365 days to regenerate what it consumed by humans, which has decreased to 212 days over the years. The day on which our consumption for the year overtakes nature’s regeneration capacity is known as Earth Overshoot Day, which has been drastically decreasing throughout the years due to climate change and other determining factors. This year’s festival will emphasise the importance of decreasing one’s carbon footprint and decelerating consumption, as well as eliminating the causes of climate change through tech-based solutions.

Creative leaders attending the festival will also get the chance to delve into 18 workshops, three workshops per track, under the scope of a new design thinking methodology.  Participating organisations include greenish and verynile, which both are non-profit organisations aiming to make Cairo an environmentally friendly city. The event will also feature an appearance by Egyptian startup Tink, which aims to reduce the costs of driving by allowing individuals to car-pool with each other and splitting the bill. Some of the industry leaders and creatives speaking at the event include Murad Al Ashry, CEO of PaySky, a leading Egyptian fin-tech startup, Deena ElMahdy, co-founder of Cairo Heritage School, and Maximilian Abouleish-Boes, a German-decent Egyptian resident social entrepreneur.

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