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Tunisia’s Think-It Creates a Digital Platform Mapping Volunteers and Those in Need

The digital platform maps out both citizens and professionals who are volunteering their services, as well as those in need of assistance across the country.

Created practically overnight by Tunisia’s Think-It - an innovative software and R&D house - EnaHouni is a digital platform that connects volunteers and those in need of help, through an innovative, agile map that plots out the locations of both parties.

Users - whether they’re volunteering services or in need of them - sign up to the platform and can enter their information, and it will be mapped out automatically. Once you enter the map, you can quickly see the colour-coded demands (green) and services (blue) and where they’re located. 

While EnaHouni - which means ‘I Am Here’ in the Tunisian Arabic dialect - is primarily peer-to-peer in design, it also allows professionals to offer their services. For example, medical or nursing staff who are no longer working but would like to return or who would like to increase their working hours temporarily, can connect with hospitals and clinics who are short-staffed during the current pandemic. 

No request for help or offer for services is too small, especially for the country’s most vulnerable citizens. From picking up groceries and medication for elderly neighbours to babysitting and dog walking, the map has already seen plenty of people offer up basic helpful services, while professionals like lawyers and teachers are offering video calls.

Find out more and access the map here. 

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