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UAE-Based Tarjama Offers Free Translation Services for Businesses on Coronavirus-related updates

The leading translation and linguistics service agency have joined in the efforts to help businesses midst the working from home frenzy.

Businesses have been navigating countless obstacle courses during the Coronavirus outbreak, and with updates happening at breakneck speeds that require businesses to inform their teams on any recent developments or to raise awareness, you’ve got to stay agile and be sure to efficiently communicate all you need to your employees and clients.

Enter: Tarjama. The leading regional translation and linguistics service provider is offering free translations for businesses on any announcements regarding the Coronavirus. With a limit of up to 300 words, businesses can translate all their updates, information and guides to four languages to keep all their employees across the world in the loop and streamline the process to make sure nothing gets lost in translation. There generous offer is available until April 15th, 2020, and will surely come to the rescue of many Arab businesses with multinational teams and networks.

Starting out in 2008 as a translation company, Tarjama quickly evolved into a holistic content creation agency with offices spanning eight countries that allows them to be versed into all the region’s affairs and local insights. Their talents have been globally recognised as an industry-leading with a vast network of clients and as a keen supporter of bridging gaps, boasting a 70% female workforce, led by emerging CEO and Founder Nour Al Hassan. 

Take advantage of Tarjama’s offer here.

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