Monday February 26th, 2024
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UAE’s RoboAds to Deploy AI-Robots in Hospitals, Airports & More

The innovative robots-as-a-service startup has pivoted from being a novel advertising and activation model to an innovative way to spread information and instructions while removing humans from the equation.

Staff Writer

Having developed a unique breed of walking, talking intelligent-robots, UAE startup RoboAds has found a new use-case for their fleet during the Coronavirus pandemic. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, RoboAds’ robots each come equipped with four 55-Inch screens in 4K resolution, high clarity speakers and microphones, as well as two lidar scanners that ensure 360-degree obstacle avoidance as they move, either autonomously or controlled remotely.

Able to host dynamic live teleconferences on its screens, or playback instructional videos and awareness campaigns, the robots are to be deployed in public places to limit the need for human interaction during these critical times. Perhaps most interestingly, the RoboAds robots are able to sync with other IOT enabled hardware, such as thermal cameras, and then alert the people in question of any alarming variations, without human intervention.

Meanwhile, the robots - equipped with high end cameras and programmed with the latest artificial intelligence - can also feed data back, including the number of people in a space, their genders, age and even their emotions, based on facial recognition algorithms.

You can find out more about RoboAds here.


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