Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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WideBot Will Help You Build a ChatBot for Your Startup With a 3-Month Free Subscription.

The Egyptian chatbot-as-a-service startup is helping businesses pivot to online channels during the Coronavirus pandemic. CEO Mohamed Nabil tells us why this is the perfect time to boost your B2C experience.

Staff Writer

For a startup, the state of all industries right now is the thing of nightmares. Major shifts are being made across the board; meetings have found their home on Zoom and cloud services have become our new-found friends. 

For startups, regardless of how much they rely on their digital presence in normal circumstances, online availability is now crucial to maintain conversations and answer FAQs. Aiding in that move is WideBot, the first Arabic-focused bot building platform. The Egypt-based startup is offering a free 3 month subscription to their chatbot building service to keep your brand active online. All you’ve got to do is use the promocode ‘Besafe’ to claim your offer now.

“Chatbots provide an incredible B2C experience, it helps businesses provide instant support to customers. And through this global pandemic, the impact on businesses is substantial, so it’s more important than ever before for chatbot technology in order to increase social distancing and continue working from home safely,” says Mohamed Nabil, CEO.

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