Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Yodawy and MetLife Form Milestone Partnership to Create One-Stop-Shop for Medical Services Online

The Cairo-born app is teaming up with the global healthcare provider for a multi-year partnership that will provide Egyptians with an inclusive platform for medical essentials.

Staff Writer

Digital transformation has been the talk of every town the world over, namely in healthtech. Introducing tech-enabled solutions to the cob-webbed, intricate medical processes such as insurance, prescriptions and booking consultations, all in a COVID-stricken world, is now not just a luxury, but almost a necessity. 

World renowned medical insurance company, MetLife has, teamed up with Egypt’s Yodawy, a digital platform and online pharmacy, to form a holistic medical service that simplifies the nuisance experience of medical insurance. The multi-year partnership, according to Yodawy, is the first of its kind in the Middle East, and will leverage on tech-enabled solutions to provide a streamlined set of services to MetLife members in Egypt.

Yodawy’s platform will be equipped to allow customers to receive and order their prescriptions online, transform tedious insurance applications into a swift process that only requires a few taps and toggles, and a special service for patients with chronic or terminal illnesses to have their monthly medications delivered straight to their homes regularly. In addition to this slate of services, patients will also have access to on-demand teleconsultations, operating 24/7 with certified and licensed healthcare professionals.

“Together MetLife and Yodawy aim to eradicate barriers and improve people’s access to medical care and medication,” reads a statement by the two healthtech trailblazers to StartupScene. “This exciting collaboration is bringing about a new world of healthcare, providing peace of mind and convenience for insured members through the power of technology.”


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