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The GrEEK Campus in Cairo Goes Digital with Online Acvitivities During Corona Lockdown

Already a hub for Egyptian startups, Cairo's The GrEEK Campus is moving its hustle and bustle online.

While The GrEEK Campus in Downtown Cairo is usually a hustlin', bustlin' hub for startups, innovators and, well, cats, an eerie silence has washed over the place, as Egyptians stay at home. This being a hotpot of innovation, however, COVID-19 isn't hampering spirits, with the campus set to go 'virtual' with a host of activities and quirks.

Firstly, IBM webinar, ‘Incorporating IoT’, hosted by The GrEEK Campus, is set to go live on March 25th from 6-8 pm. The online event will discuss hot topics in the tech world like Cloud Computing and Internet of Things and their relevance to The Cloud as well as how to apply IoT in real-life schemes. 

As a way to continue their interest in business operations while being on a temporary halt, The GrEEK Campus will also be holding virtual meetings and tours of the campus grounds for people looking to lease an office space or hold an event on location. Their social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, will be heavily updated as the downtown campus continues to keep its members safe amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis prompting people all over Cairo to #WorkFromHome.

You can follow The GrEEK Camous on Instagram and Facebook.

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