Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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DXBUY Teams Up with 'Buy Now, Pay Later' Provider Tabby to Expand Payment Services for SMEs

The partnership intends to give SMEs stronger and more stable control over their finances.

Staff Writer

As one of the UAE's leading B2B e-commerce platforms, DXBUY operates with the understanding that providing SMes with options for their daily buying is not just the best way to give them a sense of control over their businesses, but a foothold towards their own continuous growth in the marketplace. Towards that end, they've partnered up with Tabby, a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service that will allow SMEs greater flexibility in dealing with their finances, paying 14 days after their product has been delivered to them.

“Collaboration with Tabby will expand the number of payment options available to SMEs through DXBUY, while offering transparent pricing and a fluid user experience," CEO at DXBUY Adnan Zubairi says. "Our application along with Tabby’s buy now and pay later option will enable our customers to make purchases with greater financial control and convenience.”

"We're excited to be working with the team at DXBUY to enable Tabby's smart alternative to Cash on Delivery for their customers, in line with our mutual goal of reducing the region's heavy reliance on cash," CEO and co-founder of Tabby, Hosam Arab, says. "Through this partnership, we're looking to also replicate the provision of informal and paperless short-term credit that neighborhood shops have been known to provide to some of their best customers."

In what's essentially a digital world, DXBUY serves as a keystone between SMes and their wholesalers and manufacturers, bridging the supply chain between them by allowing them access to many different brands on their platform. Due to the circumstances of 2020, such convenience has proven to be highly desirable; by the end of the year, they're anticipated to facilitate over 50,000 orders.


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