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Dubai-Based Fuel Delivery Startup Cafu Sets to Launch in Cairo

Imagine a gas station on wheels.

With operations in Dubai, Sharjah, and Amman, the Emirati fuel delivery startup Cafu is set to hit Egypt, which is the region’s leading market in terms of both production and sales.

Sharing pictures of its new billboards in Cairo, Cafu announced a teaser suggesting that it will soon offer its services in the city that has more than 2 million vehicles cruising its streets every day.

The Cafu app enables drivers to order fuel deliveries directly to their location. All they have to do is hail a Cafu car that is basically a gas station on wheels. Users can either pay per refill or purchase a monthly subscription for unlimited refills.

While Cafu sources its fuel from the national oil companies in the UAE, it is still not clear whether they’ll partner with Egyptian oil companies or stick to their original suppliers.

The fuel business is a major industry that is still highly untapped by tech startups in the MENA region. Founded in 2018 by Rashid Al-Ghurair, Cafu is the region’s first fuel-booking startup that is on a mission to make refueling easier for people who are always on the go – which is practically every car-owner you know in Cairo.

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