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KSA’s Jada Fund of Funds Signs Agreement with Alpha Capital to Invest in Food & Beverage SMEs

The agreement aims to diversify KSA’s oil-heavy economy through private equity investments.

Growth-stage SMEs in the food and beverage sector are the target of a new agreement signed between Jada Fund of Funds and Alpha Capital that hopes to boost contributions to KSA’s private equity sector.

With Jada falling under KSA’s Public Investment Fund, the new deal is in line with Vision 2030 and aims to offer SMEs growth and expansion opportunities.

“Jada’s commitment to the Alpha Capital underscores its aim to foster local innovation and entrepreneurship by directing capital to promising, emerging Saudi-based SMEs through private equity investments,” del Al-Ateeq, CEO of Jada, said. “This investment agreement marks Jada’s first investment in private equity funds, having previously invested in several venture capital funds. It is a clear indication of our confidence in the fund’s investment team at Alpha Capital to implement the investment strategy in accordance with global private equity best practices.”

Jada was established with a fund of SAR 4 billion as part of continuing efforts to diversify KSA’s oil-heavy economy and aims to increase the SME sector’s contributions to this diversification from 21% to 35%. By signing this agreement with Alpha Capital, it's hoped that local innovation can be more efficiently fostered through private equity investments.

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