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Meet the 3 Egyptian Gaming Teams Who Championed the Run Double Jump Expo

As Egypt's most wicked geeks and tech addicts gathered at Cairo's Smart Village to innovate and play, we've listed the teams championing the game - and taking their inventions to a new level.

Kicking off its second edition this year, Egypt's massive Run Double Jump event filled the Information Technology Institute with contagious passion and eagerness to trigger change, as it held a hyperactive Indie gaming hangout, where seasoned Indie game developers shared their experiences and exchanged tips to grow the gaming scene.  

Having partnered with the biggest international indie showcase - Indie Prize-Casual Connect - the event hosted the humongous Indie Prize, (a scholarship programme for up and coming indie) to harness talented gamers to become future leaders in the games industry and attend Casual Connect. Set at the heart of Cairo’s Smart Village, surrounde by the yellow desert but filled with robots, gaming rooms, and futuristic prototypes, the event gathered a huge community of budding game developers, hovering on topics such as character creation, user acquisition, analytics and growth hacks. From the The International Game Developers Association's audience awards, to the global Indie Prize, these are the championing gamers that took home the awards. 

1. IGDA Egypt chapter and 2024 studios's Audience Choice Award

Voted by the audience and lauded by expert gamers, the Audience's Choice Award was given by the International Game Developers Association's Egypt Chaper, which awarded  “The Hero” by Dark Space Studio (watch the trailer here). Created in 2014, the Egyptian Chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) strives to promote the Egyptian gaming industry and represent Egyptian game professionals on both national and international levels through events, meet-ups, and game jams.

2. Indie prize

Probably the most eagerly awaited for, the Indie Prize Award 2017, went to Skelewton's First Law by Youmaku Game (watch their trailer here). The prize gives gaming startups the chance attend the global Casual Connect event - which next year will be held in Disneyland Resort USA on January 16th-18th - to foster relationships with other developers, gain exposure for your professional development team, and learn how to succeed in the new games ecosystem. 

3. VRteek Award

VRteek Award, one of the countless VR startups reshaping the Middle East, gave their Best Game Award to Chronoka, who took home an EGP 5,000 prize. VRteek, having themselves reached the first place in competitions such as the Samsung Entaleq Competition and Super Arabia Competition, is a startup that allows users to create their own VR experiences in the blink of an eye. “It's all-encompassing and captivating in a way traditional marketing never could be, and it's paving the way for customer engagement on a whole new level,” co-founder Mohamed El Eryan said, in an interview with Startup Scene. 

 Photos: Run Double Jump.


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