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Shaking Up Grocery Shopping, InstaShop Marks Its First Year In Egypt

It started with a neighborhood in Maadi.

Once upon a time, InstaShop only catered for a few neighborhoods in the affluent district of Maadi. Today, May 2019, after one year of operations in Egypt, InstaShop has more than 100,000 downloads on both Android and iOS devices.

In Cairo, Alexandria, and North Coast, InstaShop is the go-to delivery method for many supermarket chains, including the biggest players in the market like Metro, Alfa Market, Ragab Sons, Kheir Zaman and El Mahallawy to name a few. More than 200 branches are currently serving the biggest areas in the two major Egyptian cities. By shopping through InstaShop, users are placing thousands of orders every month, saving themselves tens of thousands of hours.

“As busy professionals work long hours, I personally felt the need for an on-demand grocery service to buy me that extra time, skip the long supermarket queues, and avoid traffic all the way to the store,” says John Tsioris, CEO and founder of InstaShop. “This need is what brought InstaShop to life and that resonated with the audience who prefer the convenience of ordering groceries online especially after a long day at work. And if you don’t have cash with you, card payments can be done right from the couch.”

InstaShop is all about fast grocery delivery. Users can shop everything they need, from fresh groceries to household products, from trusted local supermarkets directly through their mobile app or through the web-shop and enjoy a delivery of about 60 minutes depending on the user’s location.

It first launched in Dubai, UAE in 2015, which gave a head-start when launching later in Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, then Egypt. Moreover, the market need encouraged InstaShop to shake the dynamics of local grocery, reshaping the way people do their grocery shopping. Instead of wasting time and energy on shopping methods of the past, with InstaShop, users now can have their groceries delivered at a tap of a screen.

The ease and convenience of the service is the reason why it is the leading startup in the on-demand grocery delivery market in the UAE. The size of Instashop’s team has grown from five people back in 2015 to more than 100 today, InstaShop is blessed to have top investors and enjoy the guidance of, Venture Friends and and has been nominated for three consecutive years as one of the most promising startups in the Arab World by Forbes. This kind of milestones is the fuel and energy of the team, it’s what encourages the strive for more and staying dedicated to doing the customer’s right by delivering the quality service they’re expecting.

With this motivation, InstaShop is meeting even more milestones by fulfilling hundreds of thousands of orders for over 350,000 users in the five countries it’s operating in, working with more than 450 supermarkets and well known chains while the retention rate has been stable at a staggering 75%.

“InstaShop has capitalized on the region’s appetite for innovation and technological evolution, New technologies are always on the rise in the UAE, and adapting to them in timely manner can be challenging,” says Tsioris. “This, along with the fact that we are a user-centric company, has allowed InstaShop to shape according to the needs and wants of individuals. With expansions that have taken place in other countries, it is the perfect opportunity to customize our services accordingly.”


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