Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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Entrepreneur & Mentor Dina El Mofty Launches Business Bootcamp

Injaz founder, Dina El Mofty, launched a Business Bootcamp to support entrepreneurs in developing a growth mindset.

Startup Scene

Dina El Mofty, a leader in Egypt’s entrepreneurial space and founder of INJAZ Egypt, an organization with a strong educational focus on entrepreneurship, is launching the Build Your Business Bootcamp Challenge. 

Having been in Egypt’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for almost 20 years, El Mofty has seen first-hand how entrepreneurs are being consumed by anxiety and stress, getting burned out from all the demands that come with bringing a business to life. From fundraising to building a team and creating a viable product, entrepreneurs have a lot to contend with when starting a business.

“What good is running after that lucrative dream when it comes at the expense of your health, your family and your children?” Dina El Mofty tells StartupScene. “It all boils down to the bottom line. Those who are able to get through struggles and challenges, and are able to master their mindset with daily habits and practices, are the ones who are able to get over these challenges.”

Combining her two passions of working with early-stage startups and focusing on well-being and wellness, El Mofty is excited to launch her first business bootcamp. The free five-day challenge is made up of modules featuring video content and daily workbook exercises to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. Once completed, students will have the option of signing up with El Mofty’s business mentorship and coaching platform, Mentor Me, if they wish to have more customized support, one-on-one coaching, and group coaching sessions to kickstart their business.

The challenge is open to all aspiring entrepreneurs across the MENA region throughout October on El Mofty’s website, for more to come over the course of the year.


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