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First AltShift Festival Sets Off In Cairo Between October 19th and 21st 

Taking place over three days, AltShift is designed around three themes: Human, Technology, and the City.

Ouishare Egypt is joining hands with The Good Summit to organise the pilot edition of AltShift Festival - a three-day cross-disciplinary event between October 19th and 21st, taking place at the urban tech hub, KMT House. Themed at “Platformisation...Global Trend ⇆Local Applications,​” the event aims to create a "safe place free of egos" for change-makers to connect, ask new questions, learn, experiment, and work together on the complex challenges of our time. 

The event is claimed to be the first of its kind in the MENA region with a zero-waste policy. It’s an international collaboration of over 30 change-makers, from six countries​, who put their resources together to deliver a unique experience for a common cause. AltShift is designed as a physical platform to bring new knowledge from around the world and to promote local ideas, startups, and industries.

Between 9 AM and 6 PM, attendees will interact with keynotes, workshops, and panel discussions. In the evening, there will be a sports competition to stimulate the body and mind, along with artistic performances. On the Open Stage, participants will be given the floor to talk about their ideas and concepts.

“The solutions to our complex challenges aren’t technology. Technology is a medium to magnify and scale-up our solutions.” says Ehab Elia, AltShift Initiator. "The whole experience allows attendees to approach new concepts such as the bases of platform strategies, zero waste, regenerative cities, and more." Happening over three days, the festival is split into three themes: Human, Technology, and the City. The Human theme will include tracks like “Human Futures of Work,” “Health,” and “Empowering Women” - the latter being a programme in collaboration with Womanity Foundation. The Technology theme will include tracks such as “Open Organisations,” “Decentralised Technologies - Blockchain and other decentralised technology,” “Fintech,” and an open stage. The day will also include cross-sessions, which will bring together experts from different tracks to collide.

The final day, which take on the City​, will invite participants to co-create a “Regenerative City Model.” The Regenerative City Model aims to bring together different positive concepts around regenerative cities and demonstrate how they can be applied in different contexts to make cities more resilient. Speaking about the Regenerative "There is a lot of positive concepts that already exist, but never together. What if we put the maximum of these concepts into a city to create a Regenerative City Model?" Elia rhetorically asks. 

With the Founder of Zero Waste Arabs Karim Eldomyati as the track leader, AltShift divided the City theme into six areas: economy, housing and lifestyle, mobility, education, agriculture, and resources management. "We aim to introduce as many positive concepts as possible - such as circular economy, Earthship houses, shared mobility, learning to unlearn, permaculture, and solar energy, among others," adds Elia. "We will invite experts and create focus groups for each area. Our aim is not to create a manual of how to make a city regenerative, but to inspire by demonstrating that solutions exist.”

Find out how to book your ticket here 

Main Image: One of the Ouishare Festivals. Courtesy of Ouishare Egypt. 


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