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Game Your Way to Crowdfunding As INJAZ And Tennra Team Up For Startup 2016

INJAZ is partnering up with Tennra yet again to crowdfund thrilling initiatives for Startup 2016 using gaming!

We love this whole realm of techpreneurs that's been taking over Egypt over the past few years, and calling The GrEEK Campus home means we get to come across some awesome startups and initiatives that would've never crossed our minds. Egyptians really are innovative when it comes to solving problems. With INJAZ's Startup Egypt 2016 happening right now, people are coming up with creative solutions to problems that have stumped us all. Ever wish that someone had told you that architecture was not for you, six years ago, before you picked it out of a university booklet? Ever wondered how much more effective the service sector in Egypt would be had there been a social network dedicated only to your complaints about service providers? Heck, have you ever even fantasised about being completely immersed in your video game without your little brother blocking your screen or your friend trying to get your attention or your mom interrupting? We're telling you - Egyptians are as innovative with their problems as they are with their solutions - they just need a little push.

INJAZ, the local non-profit NGO with big ideas, is pairing up with Tennra yet again in crowdfunding this year's INJAZ Startup Egypt initiative. What's cool about Tennra is that it uses gaming to collect crowdfunds, and promises to stay away from little boring ‘please donate’ tabs on project pages. You can now actually fund some super interesting and much-needed local projects by just playing games! Projects include initiatives like Eshteki, the first social network aimed at collecting complaints about service providers in the Middle East.

iSpark is another curated program that provides students with actual experience in the major or field they wish to pursue in university. Comprised of three steps, the first phase of the program focuses on self-discovery - where students discover their passions and strengths, and what is most interesting to them. The students then go on a tour in an Egyptian university to help them experience what the field is like. Lastly, the program matches students with professional internships or job shadowing.

Now, for all you video gaming addicts, among the curated projects is EpicVR, a semi-finalist in MIT Enterprise Forum; this video gaming startup aims at completely removing limitations to the video game experience through a 360° immersion in the game with greater navigation and control. You just put on the special futuristic-looking face headset (The Oculus Rift) and either prepare to swim in space, get up on a frightening roller coaster, or even get your head chopped off!

These are only three of the many initiatives looking to get some crowdfunding the fun way through Startup Egypt 2016. This isn't the first time INJAZ and Tennra have teamed up; aside from last year's Startup Egypt, they've also launched a campaign to collect supplies for Egyptian school children last year. Play a little game, support a good initiative, and check out some of the creative startup solutions Egyptians have come up with for some of our country's ridiculous problems.

Check out INJAZ Egypt on Facebook here, and Tennra on Facebook here.


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