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Seedstars Launches Entrepreneurship Summer School for MENA and Africa Students

‘The After Grad’ is a summer training programme designed to prepare high school students and graduates for the professional world.

School is officially out for the summer (and let’s be honest, it’s more or less been out for a few months now), but that doesn’t mean the opportunities for learning are done. For students nearing university age, professional skills are better learned sooner rather than later, for when they transition to university, and eventually the job market, it’s often the best prepared that will flourish. And since most of us remain in some degree of Corona-driven lockdown, now’s the perfect chance to do something productive. 

Enter Seedstars’ entrepreneurship summer school, designed especially for students aged 15-19. Dubbed ‘The After Grad’ it's positioned as a stepping stone between high school and university, as big decisions in their lives - from what to study and where - come to the forefront. Hosted virtually, the summer school programmes run for four consecutive days and there are four camps you can sign up for: 20th - 23rd July, 27th - 30th July, 3rd - 6th August and 10th - 13th August 2020.

Hosted by Seedstars, in collaboration with Seedspace Cairo and MUN Inc, everyone who participates in the summer camps will get back together on 15th August 2020, for a virtual pitch off, where they present their ideas and business plans which are a culmination of everything they’ve learned so far. 

Find out more and apply to a summer camp here.

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