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This New Mentorship Matchmaking App is a Tinder for Startups

Meet your dream mentor/mentee with new Saudi app, Mashora, launched by Jeddah’s Bab Rizq Jameel Services.

Mentor/mentee relationships are a minefield: they’re not present enough or they’re overbearing, they won’t listen or they won’t give you the advice you need; they have unrealistic expectations, ultimately, they’re not the right match. Meet the new Saudi app letting mentors and entrepreneurs build the mentorship relationship they need.

Mashora is the latest app by Bab Rizq Jameel Services, the Jeddah-based veteran entrepreneurship hub focused on digital solutions to startup needs. The app - essentially Tinder for startups - offers a platform for mentors and mentees in an accessible and recognisable experience.

Entrepreneurs and mentors set up a profile, scour through profiles to see who might match their mentorship needs and experience, start a conversation to see if they’re a right fit, and build the relationship from there.

Users can also filter people by industry and skill, schedule in-app video conference mentorship sessions, and even rate their mentor/mentee.

Download the app on iOS here, and Android here.


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