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Meet The Entrepreneur Behind Source Beauty, The Website Changing The Beauty Industry In Egypt

We speak with Lydia Schoonderbeek, who founded Source Beauty in 2016.

Since the dawn of the Egyptian culture, women and men were concerned with their beauty and appearance. Hence, pharaohs put eyeliner and used plants and natural ingredients to take care of their skin and hair. However, this scenario did not last forever, since today’s beauty industry has changed dramatically. Egyptian women currently prefer buying European beauty products, from makeup and creams to shampoos and facial masks. Source Beauty, decided to change that situation and point the spotlight on local beauty brands.

Founded in 2016 by Lydia Schoonderbeek, a Dutch-Egyptian entrepreneur, Source Beauty started as a beauty blog that hunts the coolest beauty products, then it evolved to a website that’s home to beauty tips, local beauty products and reviews. Source Beauty’s aim is to end the confusion of “which product should I use?” and “how much money will I pay in customs for my new eyeshadow palette?” 

It is a platform for everything beauty-related, dedicated to Egyptian women. 

“The vision for Source Beauty is to be an informed beauty e-commerce platform that seeks out the best skincare, makeup, fragrances and health products in the market and acts as a hub of information for the Egyptian female,” Schoonderbeek tells Startup Scene.

Moreover, Source Beauty aims to be a realistic beauty guide, in a world where everyone is obsessed with perfection and meeting unworkable expectations. ”REALISM -  Source Beauty is dedicated to breaking down these expectations and help women feel comfortable with who they are – and helping them to be the best version of themselves,” Lydia explained, when asked about what she aspires to achieve through the platform.

The beauty platform has managed to grow organically but they are planning to raise funds in the near future, in order to expand beyond their current customer base.

If you're interested to check the platform, visit their website, Facebook or Instagram.

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