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Cairo Event Seeks to Address Rising Mental Health Issues in Entrepreneurs

The event will take place under the eye of CORE Training and Consulting on March 23rd.

Being your own boss, for many people, is the ultimate dream – or so we imagine. For many of those who have pursued that dream and kickstarted their very own business, the reality may feel far from it. Influenced by the immense pressure of being quite literally on your own and responsible for the livelihood of your employees, many entrepreneurs suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, dysphoria, social withdrawal, and overall decreased pleasure in life.

CORE Training and Consulting, a registered consultation company in the US and Egypt, aims to face this issue head-on. Seeking to be an active part of the business improvement process, the Dokki branch of the company is holding a circle for entrepreneurs’ mental health and wellbeing. Equipping them with the tools and support they need to solidify their confidence and recharge their batteries, to make the most out of their hard work and enjoy their life away from pitch competitions and spreadsheets.

Taking place on March 23rd at the CORE office, attendance is EGP 300 per person. to register, click here.

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