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Egypt's First Online Fashion-Swapping Website is Changing the Way Women Shop

Through allowing the easy trade of secondhand fashion, Egyptian platform, Eska, strives to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.

For a fashion blogger and stylist with stellar reach and influence, Samar Salim thought it an important and motivational step in the process to also encourage against the kind of textile waste that has come to almost define the fast-fashion industry.

Launched by Salim at the end of 2019, goes some way to addressing the issue. As Egypt's first online buy-and-sell clothes platform, it works on a swap-and-shop basis by offering renting, selling, and buying services from both individuals and brands alike, as well as fashion advising that works with the pieces available on show on their website. 

“There’s a high clothes consumption rate, so Eskai gives you the chance to buy new clothes without investing a ton of time, money, or effort,” says Salim of a concept that strives to up the sustainability of the fashion industry and, on the long run, attempts to lessen the environmental impact of the one-and-done shopping approach buyers have in response to fast-changing fashion trends, which results in textile excess and pollution.

On the users’ end, the platform fosters diversity in a world where mass production standardises the way people dress, and offers the fashion-savvy the opportunity to own something unique without having to spend a fortune. 

The platform also allows women to make a profit off of unused items of clothing through the selling and renting services, and takes care of the hygiene of the secondhand items to be traded. In February, Eskai hosted an on-ground swap and shop event, Egypt’s first clothing swap event, which gave shoppers the chance to buy and rent soiree items and bridal dresses at premium deals, as well as swap secondhand clothes.

Head to the website and get shopping.

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