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Egyptian Team Builds First Arabic-Language Interactive Coronavirus Map

The map includes interactive charts with detailed daily data, as well as an interactive 3D globe.

Accurate, reliable, real-time information, available at our fingertips, has never been more important to have. Using data from Johns Hopkins University, the Egyptian-made CoronaMeter is the first Arabic-language interactive resource of its kind, available now in seven languages, and including interactive charts with detailed daily data and an interactive globe.

“Apart from being the first Arabic source providing interactive Arabic graphs at the time, we introduced a simple 3D interactive globe mode for those who just want a simple and interactive way to stay on top of the virus propagation and impact,” entrepreneur and open-data activist Amr Sobhy, who built the website with software engineer Mohamed Reda Eldehiry, tells StartupScene. 

“It's the first time humanity has faced such a threat while we have almost real-time access to information,” Sobhy continues. “And at a time where misinformation is real, we should all be looking at credible numbers, and the more accessible this is, the more we have informed citizens who are able to leverage data to answer their own questions.”

In addition to the standard metrics of confirmed cases, recovery rates and mortality rates, the map also calculates the doubling time per country, which helps gauge how effectively different countries are flattening the curve.

You can view the 3D globe here, and the interactive charts here.

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