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Jordan’s Fitticoin Lets Users Donate Their Workout Incentives to Fight COVID-19

Through Fitticoin, sports buffs in Jordan can usually collect ‘coins’ - earned through workinging - out to spend at their favourite retailers. Now, they’re encouraging users to donate their earnings directly to the country’s ministries of Health and Social Solidarity.

A novel sports technology startup, Fitticoin allows users to track their fitness activities, Fitticoin incentivises users to keep moving, as they can earn ‘coins’ to put toward redeeming special discounts and offers at retailers across Jordan. Now, the sports and fitness app offers users the chance to donate their ‘coins’ to the country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reminding users to keep social distancing in mind, Fitticoin will give users one coin for every 1000 steps they take and encourage them to pay it forward by choosing to donate those coins to the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Social Solidarity. Every 100 Fitticoins are equal to 5JDs (approximately US $7).

Launched in 2018, Fitticoin tracks movement by using your phone or wearable fitness device’s pedometer and converts steps taken into rewards. Currently boasting around 15,000 daily active users and over 80 retailers and service providers on their network, where users can redeem rewards, Fitticoin received an investment from Jordanian startup accelerator, Oasis500, in October 2019.

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