Tuesday April 23rd, 2024
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Meet NatGeo’s Jason Silva At This Year’s Edition of Vested Summit on November 9

In a consciously viral post on Instagram, Jason Silva encourages viewers to participate in a video challenge where they share what they would love to live to see.

Staff Writer

Leading up to the region’s flagship ConsciousTech summit, Vested Summit partners up with Media Personality and co-host of National Geographic’s Brain Games for a social campaign under the hashtag ‘#LovetoLivetoSee’ where viewers are encouraged to share what they desire to achieve the most as human beings as well as entrepreneurs.

In an exclusive chat with Salma ElHariry, founder of Vested Summit, she explained to us that this collaboration started as a conversation between her and Jason, where by the end of that conversation, they both sought the need for the issue to be discussed as a wider scale as it aligns with both their values and the values of Vested Summit as a leading force in the ConsciousTech industry.

“The definition of being a billionaire in this day and age isn’t about making a billion dollars but maybe about impacting a billion lives,” said Elhariry, quoting Silva’s infamous quote about redefining what it means to be a billionaire.

As he embarks on the journey of visiting Egypt for the first time ever for the sole purpose of attending Vested Summit, Silva’s attendance is a strong push forward in an entrepreneur’s level of consciousness, taking the conversation to the next level where people can actually benefit from his expertise and wisdom to fuel their growth journey.

The announcement was made earlier this week via Instagram, which has since garnered 35,000 views and impressive reactions from the audience both locally and internationally, with people joking about taking a walk from Cairo to Sahl Hasheesh just to see Silva.

“We want this conversation to be a global conversation, as well as a local one. We want to hear people in what future they would love to live to see when conscious tech is becoming more prevalent and what the possibilities look like.” says ElHariry.

This year’s edition of the Vested Summit reigns under the theme “back to humanity” where 1500 people from across the globe gather to discover three different tracks that can launch their grand ideas including AR, VR, AI, Blockchain and more, including the Shark Zone competition where a finalist may be granted an investment deal from Vested Summit.

“Most notably, the superpower track is going to be focusing on getting entrepreneurs in the right headspace, ensuring a healthy mind and eliminating the external forces of stress that take a toll on the mind of an entrepreneur. The western media heavily misinterprets an entrepreneur as someone who never sleeps, barely eats and chugs countless cans of Redbull, so we want people to be well aware about the right way to be an entrepeneur,” details ElHariry.

“Vested Summit is our gift to emerging markets because we’re bringing all of this exclusive content that people typically have to fly aboard to be able to access. Basically, we’re proud to be bringing this type of content to the region, in order for us to breed better entrepreneurs and give access to those startups who could use these global resources," says ElHariry.

Participants are welcome to share their vision for a sustainable future with a video using the hashtags #lovetolivetosee and #conscioustech while making sure they tag @vestedsummit and @jasonlsilva on Instagram for a chance to win a free ticket to this year’s Vested Summit and even meet the mastermind himself who will be hand-picking the submissions’ winner himself and invite them to a boat ride on the Red Sea for an unforgettable experience. The participants are also asked to tag a friend who they’d think would like to think about what the future holds.


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