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Egyptian Startup Elves is Offering Cashless Payment and Delivery in Collaboration with Cairo Vendors

Often referred to as a ‘human Siri’, Elves is using its errand-running resources to fight the Corona-induced self-isolation in Cairo.

While self-isolation and social distancing are imperative during the Corona pandemic, it has rendered individuals and businesses helpless, stuck and just a little bit lost.

To help Egyptians get through, Egyptian-American startup, Elves, is enabling all sorts of small businesses to deliver their goods and services - cashlessly. With cash being one of the most dangerous potential carriers of this or any virus, Elves allows all vendors and users to deal with transactions through their easy to use, and even easier to set up, app.

Customers can easily receive their deliveries in sterilised packages, straight to their door. By ringing the doorbell and swiftly stepping back, both customer and courier are safe. Elves also enables users to pay their month bills, cash (and hassle) free. 

Whether it’s groceries or online yoga classes, Elves has cast its net wide. They’ve teamed up with food vendors such as Gigi’s, Troufa, Donato’s, NtheKitchen and From the Farm and you can check out the Elves app to see all the different vendors (and small businesses) you can be supporting. For businesses looking to get on the list, email  team@elvesapp.com.

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