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Four Workshops by IBM About Emerging Tech at Startup Haus Cairo

A deep dive into the technical concepts and applications of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Micro-services and Blockchain.

Aiming to provide practical, hands-on knowledge on various emerging technologies, Startup Haus Cairo is collaborating with IBM Egypt to deliver four workshops throughout February and March. So mark your calendars!

The workshops will offer a deep dive into the technical concepts and applications of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Micro-services and Blockchain. 

Feb 8 // Integrate Data Science And Analytics In Your Business

Whether you have an AI startup or just an avid follor of artificial intelligence and data science, this workshop will dive deep in some technical aspects and looking back into how Big Data insights drive businesses forward and why it's becoming the #1 Trend in 2020.

Feb 15 // Artificial Intelligence From Different Perspectives Using Watson

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a buzz word for so long. There are several different applications in AI used everyday, such as Chatbots, self-driving cars, and Process Automation. This workshop will identify what AI is, how it can be integrated in your applications, and what type of AI algorithms are out there. Lastly, IBM will help create your hands-on application that greets you when you look at the camera.

Mar 7 // Teach your Apps The Language of The Cloud: A Micro-services Workshop

Cloud computing has so many benefits such as scalability, cost reduction, recoverability and much more. But does hosting your app on the cloud grants you all these benefits right away? And how can you build your apps in a way that leverages the full por of the cloud? Curious to know the ansrs? You know where to find them.

Mar 14 // Understanding Blockchain And Its True capabilities In The Market

Whether you're a newbie or a vet blockchainer, this workshop is inclusive to everyone who wants to participate and gets his hands dirty with blockchain as a technology. You will dive deep into developing a network and explain the reason behind the global and local hype in the market.

To find out how to join, click here.

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