Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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Learn the Craft of Content with These Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

Learn what makes content go viral, the importance of identity, and the ethics of social media marketing from the world’s best universities.

Staff Writer

Not all social media identities are created equal, and as many an entrepreneur has learned the hard way, your digital marketing strategy can very well make or break you. 

Take the opportunity to decipher everything that goes behind that little heart button you want people to tap on, and how to translate that into better business, with these courses, all available online for free.

1. Marketing in a Digital World

A Digital Marketing 101, this course has impeccable ratings for how well it breaks down essential concepts, particularly if you have no prior knowledge.

From: University of Illinois

2. Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

Why does something go viral? What makes a piece of content get shared again, and again, and again, so it becomes ubiquitous in the digital sphere, and brings its product to the limelight?

From: Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

3. Ethical Social Media

This isn’t a conversation we have nearly as often as we need to. Practically built for hedonistic mindless scrolling, social media is rife with misuse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rise above as a creator. Learn about the biggest ethical debates of social media, and how to use social media spaces effectively, in a way that is safe and productive for all.

From: University of Sydney

4. Create A Social Media Marketing Campaign

Especially during the Ramadan season, we’re flooded with digital marketing campaigns, some far more successful than others. With this course, you can learn how to measure the success of a campaign, and build your own.

From: University of Leeds

5. Writing for Social Media

Alas, the trap many a content creator has fallen into: not streamlining their writing for social media. What can often feel like just a hit-or-miss process is diluted to a science in this course.

From: University of California, Berkeley

6. Social Media Advertising

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of social media: levelling the playing field. This course focuses particularly on how small businesses and startups can leverage the democratising power of social media.

From: University of Colorado Boulder

7. Optimising a Website for Search

You’ve built your brand, your identity, your business model. But you’re still a drop in the ocean of the internet. Learn how to capitalise on a succinct set of tools to make sure you’re easily found by the exact audience you need to reach.

From: University of California, Davis

8. How to Create Great Online Content

We can talk forever about what makes a successful campaign, figures and ratios and pseudoscience for days. But at the end of the day, the quality of your content defines everything else. You want people to tap that little heart button, and you want that to drive traffic to your business, make great content.

From: University of Leeds

9. Introduction to the Digital Advertising Landscape

What’s a native ad? What kind of content performs best? How do I make sense of all the different sponsored options? The tools for digital advertising are ubiquitous to the point of overwhelming. This course for the complete beginner makes sense of what’s out there, so it doesn’t feel like you’re venturing into unknown waters.

From: University of Colorado Boulder


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