Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Scan and Win with the New Riseup Summit Mobile App

A few days away from the RiseUp 2019, the summit's new app update is equipping users with weapons of mass entrepreneurship.

Staff Writer

When it comes to solving problems with ease and making it efficient for everyone, RiseUp knows best. The latest update of the RiseUp Summit mobile application has officially launched for all ticket holders to enjoy, with a variety of benefits that will elevate your #JourneyToGrowth. The application is powered by Eventtus, an Egyptian tech-enabled event planning startup that made their debut on the RiseUp stage, and has been amplifying the experience for everybody since 2015.  

The main features of the mobile applications include the speakers’ agenda and venue map with an extra twist; users can now customise their own agenda, schedule meetings and bookmark the sessions, allowing attendees to witness some of the world’s most renowned business pioneers speaking at the summit in an orderly fashion. This time, the venue map is in 3D, which allows for a more interactive and informative experience, merging both the virtual and the real worlds together.

If you’re an investor, an entrepreneur, or even a business-savvy startup enthusiast attending the summit, the application literally gives you all the resources you need to fulfill your vision of a truly stellar experience. Through the app, you can also matchmake with like-minded individuals, network with attendees, and even exchange contact information using the app’s built-in QR scanner. Additionally, there is a full list of speakers, exhibitors, partners and high potential startups just a tap away, so you’re guaranteed to not miss out on anything and fully utilise all the resources provided by the summit.

“The whole concept is that we want the attendee to get the full experience of the summit, especially if it’s someone here for the first time not knowing what to do or where to go. We want to make sure that they pass by everything," says Nourhan Salaheldin, Features Coordinator at RiseUp. The challenges are designed so that they’re certainly going to interact with an attendee, a partner, a startup or a workshop, and talks. We’re going to have the attendees involved in all the features in the summit, so at the end of the day, you feel like you came into the summit with a vision and left with a fulfilling and satisfactory experience, on top of becoming a winner!” 

That's not even the best of it, however, with the app gamifying the summit itself. As the name suggests, the new feature is like playing a game on your phone but instead, you’re attending the region’s brightest entrepreneurship summit. The mobile application is gamified to allow attendees to complete ‘missions’ for a chance to win ‘rewards’, like networking with as many people and attending as many speeches or workshops as possible. 

“We have two types of prizes, the first type are RiseUp-related prizes, where attendees get the chance to win invites to invite-only events such as the Investors Dinner, Pitch by the Pyramids, Speakers and Partners Dinner," Salaheldin explains. "On the other hand, RiseUp is giving out a variety of prizes such as nine Apple AirPods, one Apple Macbook Pro Laptop, two Apple iPhone 11, and three Samsung S10+ for challenge winners. We’re also giving out 20 RiseUp 2020 tickets for the highest ranking 20 people, and Uber promotional codes for the top 100 attendees. 

Just in case you happen to miss out on that really awesome speech you wanted to attend but you were too busy attending an equally awesome workshop, you can tune into what you missed using the app’s feed page, which allows you to curate and access all user-generated content created at the summit, as well as expressing yourself by liking, commenting and sharing other people's post and making your own.

“Users can access the challenges using the app, and complete the certain missions to attain a certain score, with a reward badge for every task completed. There is a total of five different badges, each with their respective challenges. Once a user unlocks the five badges, they’re automatically enrolled in the pool of finalists that could get the chance to attend one or more of the exclusive dinners. Users will also get points for any challenges completed, allowing them to garner the highest score and get the most rewards,” explains Salaheldin.

If you have a ticket already, visit your App Store on iPhone or Google Play Store on Android to download, then just scan your ticket and viola, you’re good to go! And if you haven’t already bought your tickets, then go ahead and do so, you late owl!

Don’t forget to use code: “RiseUpXMo4” for 30% off.


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