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Egyptian White Label Software Lets You Launch Your Online Delivery Business in a Week

The aptly-named startup Zeew also lets your customers order via voicenotes, texts, and pictures.

Mohamed Ghaith, Latvia-based Egyptian founder and CEO of Zeew, highlights a trap entrepreneurs are finding themselves in as they shift to online systems: “When startups try to get their online delivery system running, most don’t realise they’re getting into the technology business, not the delivery business.”

“What we do,” Ghaith explains, “is give startups the technology of big businesses, at a fraction of the cost.”

The onomatopoeically-named Zeew started as a B2B delivery service in 2017, and was one of the first startups in Europe to develop a B2B delivery system through blockchain. It was also the first company to successfully deliver coffee via drone in Europe.

In November 2019, Zeew pivoted away from on-ground delivery to become purely a software provider, offering startups their white label software as a means to activate food, grocery, or pharmacy delivery businesses, they claim in under a week. Most recently, they launched a new all-in-one delivery product, which allows clients to order via voicenote, text, or taking a picture.

“The timing of course couldn’t be better,” Ghaith tells StartupScene. “We’re seeing a huge growth in demand. I can’t even call it growth, it’s an explosion. We have clients around the world using our systems.”

“Due to COVID-19, there’s a client education thing happening,” he explains. “Every grocery, every restaurant, everyone is shifting online due to curfews and lockdowns. So now that this barrier has been broken, even after the pandemic is over, people won’t stop operating online. They were forced to use the technology to save their business, so the customer has now learned, and will continue to use this after.”

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