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Can Artificial Intelligence Help Detect COVID-19? GrEEK Campus's New Webinar on Machine Learning

Hosted by IBM, this webinar will showcase how algorithms can be trained to detect patterns, and get a chance to create your own model that can detect the virus from an X-ray.

Could artificial intelligence (AI) prove to be a stroke of genius in the fight against the Coronavirus? AI is already being used by radiologists to help detect strokes and potential cancers, and machine learning might help fill the gap of limited scanning capacity.

Research suggests that algorithms can detect COVID-19 in chest X-rays, a potential solution the GrEEK Campus’s Webinars Season will be digging into next Wednesday, April 8th, with a session titled ‘Using AI to Detect COVID-19 from X-ray Image’.

Youssef Elnemr, a Developer Advocate at IBM, will be delving into machine learning and how deep learning classification algorithms can be utilised, as well as leading a hands-on portion where participants will create a model that can detect the virus from an X-ray.

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