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Techstars Launches Virtual Startup Weekend Events to Help Fight COVID-19

Entrepreneurs and mentors from 69 countries all join to develop solutions aimed to aid in the current crisis, in a series of virtual Startup Weekend events with a focus on innovations that help tackle Coronavirus

The ecosystem has mobilised its forces in the efforts to develop solutions focused on tackling COVID-19 related challenges. Techstars, the global innovation and investment platform based in the US, has launched the Techstars Startup Weekends; a series of 54-hour online events that bands together countries from across the world to provide technical and non-technical entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge necessary to lend a hand. 

So far, the regional ecosystems that are hosting their own chapters of the Global Online Startup Weekend are; Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the UAE. However, anyone can attend any event hosted by any country. Access is free, but you are encouraged to make a donation which Techstars will transfer to an NGO fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online events are on various dates in April 2020, and are designed for novice and veteran entrepreneurs alike. Mentorship programs will be led by world renowned industry experts, founders and partners, and will not not only be fixated on software-based solutions to aid in the current pandemic, but introducing a myriad of inclusive solutions that intend to inspire each country to work together on a unified goal.

The one-of-a-kind series of online events, supported by Google for Startups, will see the top 20 teams from all countries win a chance to participate in the Techstars Innovation Bootcamp, a three-day long exercise designated to validate solutions and building companies at breakneck speeds. 

Head here to see the schedule and register.

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